Antifascist Action – SMASH FASCISM !

In 2013, when Lee Rigby was murdered, a small minority of people used his death as an excuse to discriminate and even attack Muslims. The argument of this small minority was that Muslims were some how to blame for Lee Rigbys death. This Small minority then spread this message infected the minds of many more people.  On Saturday May 27th 2013, over 2 thousand people marched to Downing street with an Anti Muslim Anti-Islam message of hate. In essence the death of Lee Rigby launched the far right street protest movement into the mainstream, this was the EDL at its peak.

Nearly one year on and what has happened to this street protest movement. Since the loss of their appointed leader Tommy Robinson, the EDL have been in the mainstream for all the wrong reasons. Bomb Threats on mosques, ongoing arrests from an appearance on Crimewatch, rape allegations and more arrests ranging from low-level street crime to carrying deadly weapons. Behind the scenes there has also been lots of infighting which has caused many people to rethink their patriotic stance. This mass exodus from the EDL can be confirmed by the fact that in Slough on February 1st, the EDL only managed to pull together 150  – 200 people. This was a huge decline compared to less than 1 year earlier when they managed to mobilize 2000 people to march on downing street.

So what had happened to the EDL in the space of a year that so badly effected their membership. The answer to this is that many members of the EDL joined smaller and more regional protest groups like Britain first, The South East Alliance, The English Volunteer force, East Anglian Patriots, North east Infidels and many more. We have seen Britain first holding christian patrols outside East London Mosque. Alliances are being formed with more radical groups like the National Front, Football Hooligans from Millwall,  and more recently with Nazi Groups abroad such as Golden Dawn, Ultra football Hooligans and Jobbik Youth division.

Although the threat of a united fascist movement still remains. What’s happening now is much worse, with many smaller groups acting independently they are able to spread their fascist ideology much further. What’s worse is that the new cell based structure of the Far right makes it a lot harder to mobilize counter demo’s as recently the far right have been organizing demos in secret to avoid opposition.

On February 26th Lee Rigbys killers were sentenced to life in prison. Outside the court were members of the BNP, Britain first, EDL and EVF.  They had errected gallows and were calling for Lee Rigbys killers to be Hung. The following day the headlines read “Soldier killers Must Die” AND “ROT IN HELL. Although nothing can justify the actions of the murderers of Lee Rigby, the media were certainly justifying the politics of an eye for an eye, supporting the right wings stance. Across Europe, the media and government alike are shifting towards this in humane stance on events yet whilst over a million people have been killed in Iraq and Afganistan the mainstream remains silent. Politics are shifting to the right, with governments across Europe using far right groups to balance out the ballot. This has been proven in The United Kingdom, Greece and France.

On Saturday March 15th one of these groups “THE EVF” are to march on Parliament. The message is the same as always. The far right is still perpetuating the ideology of Nazism but where the Nazis excluded the Jews, now the far right are excluding Muslims. This is a very extremist view so unknowingly they have become what they claim to be fighting against “Extremists”.

Extremism exists across all borders, across all races and religions. As soon as any group points the finger at another group and blames them for the problems that we face, they become the oppressor and they become the extremists. It goes deeper than that though, many members of the EVF are out spoken racists, Neo Nazis, and have made it clear that they are not just against extremists, they are in fact against Muslims. When the lines become blurred and these groups do not clearly clarify their intent, serious issues are raised, wars are waged and as history has taught us, people die.

It is time to stop these fascists in their tracks and stop them from further perpetuating this problem to the point of no return.
On March 15th 2014, Join North London Antifascists and oppose the Fascist EVF in London. Our message is ultimately one of unity. multiculturalism, diversity and peace. Lets stop these fascist hooligans roaming our streets and causing divide.


See you on the streets !

North London Antifa


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