Less than a week to go now until the fascists will try to march along Brighton seafront. The March for England is an event organized by a few Fascists who come to Brighton every year to whip up racial tension within the community.

Every year Brightonian’s send the fascists packing, this year will be no different. The people of Brighton do not want this march to go ahead, the last thing they want is to have to defend the local community against football hooligans and drunk Nazis. The Police however have to give the Nazis a “right to protest”, a choice that I’m sure our grandparents would disagree with. Obviously our Grandparents fought for “everyone’s” right to protest, but the question here is. “Is the March for England even a protest.

Anyway, Its going ahead regardless and Fascists from around the country will be descending on Brighton to show their love for this piece of land called England. It’s just a coincidence that they all hate Muslims, Islamic Law, Halal meat and Islam. It’s also another coincidence that 99% percent of the March for England are white British. So here we have a group of about 200-300 “big-boned” white British men who all hate Islam but love beer and fighting, about to go on an annual Nazi road trip to the seaside.

Here is just some of the Fascists expected to turn up in 2014.

mfe mugs
A mixture of EDL, EVF, BNP, NF, NEI, SEA, CU, NA and other fascist rejects.

On the other side thousands of locals have been mobilizing to defend their community against this fascist onslaught, stickers have been stuck on lamp posts in towns and cities across the south-east. Brighton locals in particular have held meetings, done banner drops and handed out tens of thousands of flyer’s. (Huge numbers are expected)

A united Brighton Against Fascism. (This could be the kind of numbers we expect at this years event )

It’s all out for #StopMfe 2014.

A group of us will be joining other antifascists from around the country to support Brighton antifascists and other local autonomous groups.  If you can, get down to Brighton on Sunday 27th April 2014.

Here is a new promo for the event made especially for casual’s united. 😉



North London antifascists.


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