Call-out: Oppose the South East Alliance on June 14th 2014

On June 14th 2014,  another far-right off-shoot of the EDL known as the South East Alliance are to march down Cricklewood High street. North London Anti-fascists hereby call on everyone to oppose this racist group. Back in January 2014 another group (Britain first) selected the same target (A major Egyptian political group) and were heavily outnumbered by Anti-fascists.

Britain first fascists in Cricklewood.

Anti-fascists opposing Britain first.

The South East Alliance’s politics are about separation not inclusion. One of the strategies most commonly used to alienate individuals is falsely accusing minority groups without any evidence.  This is Fascism plain and simple and it will be opposed.

Since the last march in Cricklewood by Britain first,  North London Anti-fascists have been speaking to the local people of Cricklewood to ensure that far-right Fascist groups are adequately opposed. Now is the time to make even stronger ties with the local community. All-out for June 14th – Assemble at 11am sharp, 113 Cricklewood Broadway, NW2.

Please note: We do not support ANY political parties.

North London Anti-fascists.


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