South East Alliance – EPIC FAIL !

Recently the Far-right have been throwing a slogan around ‘we go where we want’.

Today they tried to march through Cricklewood and were told “NO PASARAN” – They shall not pass!


When we say No Pasaran, we fucking mean it!

The fascists never reached their objective.


North London Antifa


2 thoughts on “South East Alliance – EPIC FAIL !

  1. Thanks for your help and for respecting the local community and the fact that local UAF protesters included elderly people and children. I hope you agree that we worked well together. In my opinion we (UAF and supporters) couldn’t have taken over the road, but without our mobilisation there might well have been arrests . The fight against racism and fascism is a fight for us all.

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for you positive words, we completely agree that everyone who attended worked well together and that we must all stand together to be able to win the fight against racism and fascism. We were pleased that no-one resorted to violence and that the local community faced minimal disruption. Full solidarity and, if needed in the future, support.

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