Polish Fascists in London.

Yesterday, Saturday 21st of June, there was a licensed community event in Marksfield Park, Tottenham. Unknown to the locals, police, and indeed us, a small, extreme nationalist Polish group, Zjednoczeni Emigranci (literally translated as United Immigrants, refered to in this post as Z.E.) had also planned an event nearby. Taking the peaceful community event by surprise, Z.E. launched an unprovoked attack, hurling verbal abuse at locals, intimidating the children and families that were present, before turning to physical violence. Footage from the community event shows Z.E. launching rocks and flares at the crowd. In this shocking turn of events, one local was stabbed and at least one fascist was arrested. (update: the stabbed man was released from hospital after receiving treatment for superficial wounds).

It goes without saying that we, and the community of Tottenham and North London as a whole, strongly condemn the attack by Zjednoczeni Emigranci. Z.E. are a relatively small but hardcore group, their social media pages show racist and neo-nazi imagery, and they have close ties to football hooliganism in Poland.

Stickers that are advertised for sale on Zjednoczeni Emigranci social media pages.

Any fascist group should be opposed, however Z.E.’s actions yesterday highlighted this group in particular as being particularly abhorrent. North London Antifascists have decided to take a strong stand against this, we urge anyone who notices Z.E. graffiti, stickers, or planned events to get in contact with us as soon as possible. We will not stop until every piece of Z.E. graffiti and stickers are removed or covered up, and their events so opposed by antifascists that they are forced to abandon them. We are actively monitoring Z.E. on social media and if they dare to try to intimidate the communities of North London again we will be there to oppose and stop them.

North London Antifa

If you have information on Zjednoczeni Emigranci, or would simply like to contact us anyway, please email northlondonantifa@riseup.net or contact us via Facebook or Twitter (@NorthLondonAF).

fck nzs


7 thoughts on “Polish Fascists in London.

  1. The assemblies do the next day, or the marches, are of little use, a nice service order, however, would lose their appetite, the bastards, to be seen in the vicinity … greetings comrades! PS I apologize for my English, it sucks, I know …

  2. I am Polish, I live in Poland. And I am ashamed that such thing happen. I hope that English police and community will succesfuly deal with this group. And I also hope that people will understand that this is just a small percentage of Polish in UK, so they should not be viewed as a image of the whole Polish community. Remeber that neo-nazis are everywhere in europe. You can find neo-nazis even among British folks. Hope those hooligans will get what they deserve.

  3. but still antifa, it would be nice to include information that the stabbed man was Polish, if we are stressing that this is a Polish neo-nazi group, then please stress that the man who was stabbed was Polish who tried to fend off these thugs

  4. I have a great deal of Polish friends, I can safely say they are all lovely people, and absolutely nothing like the people described int he article above

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