The Top 10 EDL FAILS of all time.

Saturday the 20th of September 2014 and the Far-right EDL are marching through central London. Perfect timing for the “The Top 10 EDL FAILS of all time”

At No.10 we have a picture from 2011 of EDL members posing with weapons.
If you search Google for “EDL weapons” if comes up with endless pictures of Gunman, and knife wielding far-right Nationalists (no different to the terrorists they claim to oppose).

At No.9 YEP, that’s definitely a NAZI Salute!
Just after Lee Rigby’s death, for some reason this guy and other EDL members thought they had better get up Whitehall sharpish and do NAZI SALUTES”.. This was a week after Help for heroes told the EDL to fuck off!

At No.8 we have a SNAP-SHOT of the EDL on Crime watch!
In all 64 suspects (All EDL) were hunted by police over violent clashes at the Birmingham EDL rally 20th July 2013.

At No.7 we have Tommy Robinson ex leader of the EDL
Here’s Tommy in his England Shorts getting arrested just after getting a slap from Antifa.
(4 Months later Tommy Robinson left the EDL)

At No.6 EDL Angels humiliate themselves on TV.
It was on TV, Don’t call me racist! Just LOL!

At No.5 The Moment when an EDL member makes a statement about Muslims burning in Hell, and everyone in the crowd cheers.
This is the day when the EDL were exposed as no different that the BNP!
For video link of incident see here:-

At No.4. No surrender!
One of the EDL’S better banners. Apparently a few of the walsall EDL youth division are still trying to get to Narnia.

At No.3 an EDL member getting help from a police medic. (Hard to be racist when your injured ay mate?)
This EDL member had also just been served, only this time it was from another EDL member(They fight amongst themselves a lot). Nobody is really sure what happened here and by the look on the old bills face, he doesn’t either. LOL

BOOM ! at NO.2
Shaun Reah 39, EDL member from South Shields showing how “against extremism” he really is. (He has since left the EDL, removed the tattoo and apologized for ever associating with the EDL)

And at No.1.  He somehow summarized everything about britishness! and for a moment he made the whole world laugh at the English Defense League.
Video link see here:-

This lot may look like a bunch of idiots,(They are) but fascism is a disease that uses austerity as a breeding ground. When the EDL are around, people get stabbed, people get hurt, glass bottles are thrown and blood is spilt, this is not a game. The UK austerity programme is set to stretch to 2018, It’s up to us to keep reminding people that our grandparents wanted us to fight fascism before its gets out of control.

Help fight fascism, support your local Antifa.


North London Antifa.



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