Antifascist UNITY Statement for Birmingham 2014


On October 11th 2014 Birmingham Residents are set to make history with a very large Antifascist mobilization against the EDL.

Here is the giant list of groups supporting the community resistance:-
Birmingham Strong Justice for all
Unite against fascism
The Antifascist Network
West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign
West Midlands Love Music hate racism
West Midlands love Music hate Homophobia
Birmingham Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC)
The Muslim Defense League
Midlands regional NUT
Midlands regional PCS
West Midlands Unite the Union
West Midlands Fire Brigades Union
West Midlands UNISON
West Midlands Communication Workers Union
West Midlands Trades Union Congress
West Midlands University and College Lecturers Union
West Midlands Public and Commercial Services Union
Birmingham Progressive Synagogue
More to be added.

Birmingham is a proudly multicultural city. In the past when the EDL have attempted to march through Birmingham it has resulted in violent clashes between the EDL and the police as highlighted in this article:…/birmingham-edl…
The EDL’s attempt to further disrupt Birmingham this Saturday must be opposed, not only as a show of disgust in the EDL but as a show of solidarity with Birmingham residents.

This is probably the biggest Antifascist mobilization of the year so far. Fascists must be kicked off our streets nationwide, not just here in London. We urge all antifascist activists from across the country to get to Birmingham on the 11th to unite with the many local groups and residents who will be there to oppose the vile EDL!

London Antifascists and South London Antifascists are organizing a coach for anyone from London seeking to oppose the EDL. Tickets are 5 pounds per person. The coach will be leaving on Saturday morning and returning in the evening to South London. Please send an email to ldnantifascists[at]riseup[dot]net in order to book your seat.

Join the Massive Antifascist Mobilization on October 11th.

All-out to Smash the fash in Birmingham. Snapshot(8)smash

See you on the streets!


North London Antifa


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