That’s not how you capture a Banner

Last weekend saw an amazing turn out with over 20,000 people coming out to show solidarity in London at the ‪#M19‬ ‪#refugeeswelcome‬ demo for UN Anti-Racism Day. Along with marches in other cities around Europe a good clear message that refugees are welcome was made. As with all good things there are always idiots that want to spoil the day and on this day there were a few idiots that chose to show themselves. Firstly we had Britain First turn out a shadow of the numbers they had last year with their leaders having to do a drive by whilst their followers stood there looking like tourists.

Then there was the Cry and Dash squad formerly known as Pie and Mash who chose to go round the city sites taking photo’s of themselves and run around attacking members of the general public only to challanged by antifa and to be seen running away leaving one of their own to get knicked. A picture that later appeared online from the Cry and Dash squad was them posing with a captured banner.


The banner was from National Union of Teachers Derby Branch. Now lets make this clear this is not how you capture a banner ! 2 or more large men robbing a National Union of Teachers banner off a couple of unsuspecting women that haven’t a clue who you are is not exactly something you want to be shouting about is it?

Pie and

As we have seen in the past Cry and Dash don’t have a problem attacking women and have taken to boasting about this. Now you can’t get much lower than that.

Now this is how you capture a banner. Enjoy






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