EDL splinter groups, an antifa’s guide.

Red and Black Britain

Since Tommy Robinson left the EDL the group is leaderless and has become fractured, leading to the emergence of numerous smaller fascist groups all over Britain. These groups are usually regionally orientated and due to their lower profile they are able to be even more overtly racist than the EDL. But who are these groups? Who are their leaders? And how can we stop them? Below is a profile of some of the most well known groups, followed by a complete list of all the splinter groups I know of to date.


The Infidels of Britain are one the best known EDL splinter groups, dedicated to similar anti-Islam rhetoric but less coy about their links to the racist far right. The organisation has 2 major factions, the North East infidels and the North West infidels. The North West faction is run by John ‘snowy’ Shaw, a man well known…

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