Stamford Hill doesn’t need liberating, Stamford Hill is already free.

There is a protest being planned to take place in Stamford Hill on March 22nd.
This protest has been dubbed by the organisers as ‘Liberate Stamford Hill’, however, its true intentions are far from any sort of liberation.
It is a neo-nazi protest aiming to intimidate and harass the large population of Hasadic Jews who live in, and around, Stamford Hill.

Protest organiser Joshua Bonehill (if the name rings a bell, he’s the self-proclaimed fascist who spends his days putting racist and anti-Semitic comments and hoaxes on social media) has openly invited, on social media and his own website, neo-nazis, members of the BNP and other extreme-right groups, and so called white-pride activists.

Joshua Bonehill has an increasingly close relationship with a group of young neo-nazis known as National Action. To antifascist activists this group will be familiar, however for those who don’t know, National Action is a group of young neo-nazis who have previously stated Combat 18 as their direct inspiration. National Action have already pledged their support for, and intention to attend, the ‘Liberate Stamford Hill’ demonstration.

National Action members   in London last year
National Action members in London last year

We could write a long statement about the dangers of allowing a group, inspired by a racist terror group, space on the streets, but we feel this is inherently obvious. London is a happy multicultural city, and proudly so, we refuse to let any group, big or small, attempt to spread their hate and fascism.

This demonstration will not only be opposed, it will be stopped. We will do everything we possibly can to refuse National Action, or any other anti-Semitic, White Pride, nationalist or neo-nazi groups who join this protest, even an inch of our streets.

More information shall be released shortly about counter-demonstration plans and how we shall be working with Stamford Hill residents and community groups, and other antifascist groups to ensure that the intimidation and hate that this demonstration is designed to create is stopped. If you are a local group or resident that we have not yet contacted, or an antifascist or supporter who wants to get more involved, feel free to get in touch via

North London Antifascists.


7 thoughts on “Stamford Hill doesn’t need liberating, Stamford Hill is already free.

  1. looked into this a little already and this seems like a particularly vile bunch of fascists out for a day of anti Semitism. Solidarity to all who turn out to stop this, I have every faith you will succeed.

  2. national action leeds ‘demo,’ dressed like black bloc, numbered 12? Liverpool 12-15, SA embassy,15 (stuck a banana in mandela statues hand). using symbol like mosley’s ‘flash in the pan.’ videos cannily edited to not look so small. attracting way too much plod attention. ‘National Action is a group of young neo-nazis who have previously stated Combat 18 as their direct inspiration.’ the Combat 18 that collapsed into infighting, state infiltration, grassing and murder? good role model.

  3. Solidarity from Montréal, Québec

    R E C O N C I L I A T I O N C O N F ER E N C E L I S T
    since 1994 by the
    Jewish People’s Liberation Organization
    End Zionism & Judaeophobia
    abraham Weizfeld PhD moderator-founder
    political declaration JPLO ( a Bundist chapter )
    the books
    Sabra and Shatila (1984) 2009
    The End of Zionism: and the liberation of the Jewish People 1989
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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