Dublin – Antifascists make their presence felt and defend Dublin’s largest Mosque



Today there were clashes between anti Islamic protesters and local anitfa as a large number of Anti-racist and Antifascist activists defended the Islamic Cultural Centre in Dublin. There were a few scuffles and one incident ended up with the fascists banner accidently being taken off them and sustaining a little “rip”. Well done to every one that turned up and outnumbered the fascists. T.

A screen grab was leaked earlier in the day by Irish Anti Hate showing a private message from Ian Noel Peak of the Banner.


Screen gra

This Banner…….

Bann rip

The Anti facists turn out to protect the Mosque was impressive.


Unlike the turn out for these idiots from AntiIslamIreland. Note the 3 guys in front of the banner are Antifa with one have a little chat with Mr Ian Noel Peak

Summayah Kenna, spokesperson for the centre said:

“Like any protest we can’t and we will not object. Everybody has a right to protest. All we can ask is that it goes off peacefully.”

Members of the Mosque offered the memebers of AntiIslamIreland food and told them they were welcome to the Mosque as is everyone.



Solidarity from NLAF


If your based in Eire and you want to keep up to date with the latest and interesting info on the antifascist scene check out https://twitter.com/Cunionsandphey




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